Lactuca: Environmental Data Analyses and Modelling
How can we establish landscapes such way that both nature and humans can coexist
Dr. Danny Hooftman

Updated: 21-06-2017

I am the owner of Lactuca and an applied ecologist using modelling and statistical methods to underpin and advise on evidence based biodiversity and conservation policy, involving work at the relevant ecological and regulatory scales from local to continental. I started Lactuca to perform independent scientific science and advice. Before I held a permanent position at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK for over 6 years; I remain a visiting fellow of this institute.

I am a specialised ecologist with an unique combination of a background in experimental gene flow and habitat fragmentation analyses combined with GIS and statistical modelling skills. I have a Google h-factor of 19, with 45 publications (15 first author; 13 senior or corresponding author) and 10 customer reports (6 as first author). I have a PhD from the University of Zürich, Switzerland (2002), with Post-docs at the University of Amsterdam (2002-2005; 2007-2009) and Risø research station, Denmark (2006). Please see my CV for full information.



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